Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garage Nightmare

In my previous post, I showed you pictures of the guest room we cleaned up to turn into a nursery. We took a bunch of stuff and put it in boxes and piled them in the garage. I don't have any pictures of the garage from when we moved in, but the only real difference between then and now is that it had carpet and there was nothing in the room. It wasn't even a garage when we moved in. It had been, at one point. But somewhere along the line, it was converted into an extra living space. The problem is that it wasn't done right. They didn't insulate anything and they threw thin carpet down over the concrete. Everything was wood-the paneling, the weird storage spaces, and then there was a weird wet bar area. Everything about this room is just wrong. Well since we've moved in, we call it the garage, because it doesn't deserve the name "family room", which is what it will be when we're done with it. And it's been our project/storage place. We've only ripped up the carpet, but it looks crazy from all of the projects we've done in there and all of the trash we've thrown in-things like trim, extra wood, flooring, whatever. After we moved more stuff in here from the guest room, I took pictures. Here is our (shameful) "garage"

This is what you see when you walk into the room and look to your right. SCARY, I know!

 This is the view when you look straight in

This is on the left side, but closer to the front

The exterior door is the other left side of the room and the interior door goes into our house.

This is the full view of the room when you face back towards the entry into the house. On the left is the wet bar area. When we're ready to update this room, we're going to take the wet bar out and use that opening to go into the living room. We'll also close off the area where the interior door is and move our washer and dryer into this room (concealed, of course) and make our current laundry room into a pantry, since we currently don't have one. BIG plans we have, but we will have to wait until next year. This room will be SO different once it's completed!

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