Friday, September 23, 2011

House Projects

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! I have so many things I want to post about, but most of them are about the house projects we're working on. We have SO many projects going at once. We're hoping to finish them all within the next month (crossing our fingers)! I also want to blog about projects I have done and a few that I want to do, but for now I'm going show you what our house looks like. Please don't judge, I KNOW it looks crazy!! 

This is our mantle-we originally painted it white and then didn't like it, so we're in the process of stripping the paint to stain it.

Actually, our whole fireplace is something we've decided to makeover-again!

This is our kitchen ceiling-waiting to be beautified with beadboard

Our kitchen still needs lots of work: Cabinet doors painted and put up, backsplash, new countertops, hardware, and some paint!

We the husband ripped down the paneling and we're trading it all in for some textured walls-all the lines are glue remains

Our flooring is down, but we need to lay down the transition pieces

We need to replace all of the trim! And the piece of wall that is missing :(

Guest room flooring is thisclose to being finished!

THEN we need to clear it all out so we can slowly move things in/change things up for the new baby :)

Doors need to be put back on their hinges

Our back door will soon be replaced-SO excited!!!

And we are desperately hoping that this will be knocked down and that horrible bush will be banished from our yard!

See?! LOTS of work, right?? You'd think we'd have Caution tape everywhere. hahaha. I will be posting pictures of everything completed hopefully within the next month. I am so excited!