Home Sweet Home

My husband and I moved into our home in 2010, one month before our first daughter was born. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the ugly little details, but it was bad. The pictures below are before/currently in progress pictures. We have no completely finished rooms-yet. We work as free time/money allow and update as we can. 
This was taken by a Realtor before we moved in. 

This is the fireplace in its full nakedness, in the living room

This is the wall you would see if standing in the living room (above) looking straight into the kitchen/eating area
 And the kitchen in all of its wood glory... {shivers}

 This room was turned into the nursery

An angle of the master bedroom and the attached bathroom

The guest room, which is now our second daughter's room
(sorry for the horrible lighting!)

The dark, ugly hallway

 The middle bathroom:

Wasn't it disgusting?! But. we saw potential. And now, even though it's still a huge work in progress, I'm so happy with how far we've come. This is our home now, all still in progress.

{new roof}

{removed most of the arbor}

{back yard}

{back yard with shed}
{side yard}
{front entryway}
{view from entryway}

{living room}



{Guest room to Zoey's bedroom-will need to update these again}

{Master Bedroom}

{daughter's room-still transitioning from baby to toddler room} 

I love looking at how each room has changed, and we still have SO much to do, but I am having so much fun making it our own. You can see it in most pictures, but one of the big things we're soon replacing is baseboards. They were so old and had so many layers of paint, we just decided to get new ones. They will make the rooms look somewhat complete again. Can't wait to update the photos when it's all in!

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