Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shutter Headboards

I have been looking for the "perfect" bed frame or headboard to make our room look a little prettier..maybe a little vintage, too. Lately, I've been seeing so many bedrooms that have shutters as headboards. They are so pretty AND look a little vintage!!

I was looking on Craigslist for some free shutters but I didn't find any. I wanted to do this without spending money since we're on a tight budget. And I finally figured out how I can do it for free!!
When we moved into our house, every single closet had bi-fold doors. We hate bi-fold doors. We removed all of them except for the ones in our garage-turned-family-room. I'm not sure why we didn't remove them, but nonetheless, when I was in the family room the other day, I got an idea. 

In the words of Gru, "Liiiight bulb."

I could use my our bi-fold doors for our headboard!! They have the same look as shutters and..they're FREE!

They are old & dingy, but don't worry. I'm going to cut them down to size and give them a nice paint job..I can't wait to get started! Stay posted for the reveal!


Monday, June 27, 2011

I Got Off my Lazy Behind...

...and pulled the weeds out of the flower bed!!! I think we planted our flowers & shrubs about 4 months ago.

 And since then, there has been NO weeding. I mean, seriously who wants to go out in the almost-100-degree-Oklahoma-weather & pick weeds?! Not me, that's who. Well, I was seriously bored yesterday & I decided to get off my behind & sweat a little. And I did! I was out there for all but 10 minutes and I wanted to quit. But I kept on {after going inside for a ten minute break} and I pulled the majority of the weeds out.

Look at that pile! Four months' worth of weeds. Stupid weeds. Most of them came from this corner spot.

I still have little bitty weeds everywhere to pull, but that can wait another time. Hopefully it won't be another four months before I get to it! :)

Blessing #16: Got to have lunch with the Sutton girls at Panera today!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Counting my Blessings

"Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people" -I Chronicles 16:8

The past two months have been crazy in our house. We've been working on so many different house projects. Everything has been moved around at least 5 times and it has been chaos! Currently we my husband has been putting our new flooring in. He also recently fixed our fence {we were SO tired of people asking "Oh, is your house the one with the big hole in the fence?" when giving directions} and our kitchen is..well, it really isn't much of a kitchen right now. The cabinets are all down on the floor needing to be replaced or renewed {we haven't decided what we're going to do yet}, we need to replace the sheet rock on the walls, and the ceiling is half done..and by half done, I mean we put sheet rock up..no, it has not been mudded or painted yet. It's just up. What do you think we are? We never always leave projects unfinished for long periods of time..
In the midst of all of this craziness, I have found myself complaining quite often to my husband who already works full-time and then comes home to work "full-time" on the house. Poor guy. I have been so ungrateful with everything being chaotic and out of order {I'm OCD when it comes to organization} that I have lost sight of what I have to be thankful for. That said, I want to start a "Gratitude List". I think it would help me out alot to write down what I am thankful for and that way I can focus on the good instead of on the not-so-great. 

This week, I am blessed with:

1. A husband that loves me
2. Our sweet baby girl that makes me laugh
3. A family night swimming in our new little pool
4. The fence being fixed
5. God's continual love & provision
6. A family that loves us & helps us when we need it
7. In-laws being back in town for a little while
8. Our home in all of it's messy glory
9. No more concrete floor in the bedrooms!!!!
10. A flourishing vegetable garden {we are SO thrilled-we've never grown anything before & we've had great success!!}
11. My husband's stable job
12. My business is slowly getting more & more..well, business
13. A free photoshoot for our baby girl which equaled a free Father's Day gift {I'm ALL about free stuff}
14. The most amazing church family
15. Our kind-of-new best friends {our relationship is as old as our daughter-5 months and going strong! ;)}

Have you ever found yourself focusing on the bad instead of counting your blessings? What are you most thankful for this week?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Torres Photography

So my brother {pictured below} 

has been big into photography for the past year. I love taking photographs & I wish I could be as good as he is. He loves capturing nature, but he has become great at photographing people. You should check him out on Facebook
here. "Like" his page, too! Once his fan count reaches 100, he is going to start giveaways-things like free photo-shoots & T-shirts!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Things I'm loving right now}

I love this beautiful ruffle comforter {Pottery Barn}
I totally want this for my bed!

I want this daybed..it's made from doors! Click here to check out the "Perfectly Imperfect" blog to see how they made it!

Charming rustic distressed ledge {Pottery Barn}

sexy laundry sign {thehandmadehome.net}

This cushion headboard is so cute!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Birds of a Feather..."

So, since this is my first post and I don't have much to blog about right now, I am just going to share with you the bird mobile I made for my daughter's room. I found the project here. My daughters room {accidentally} became bird-themed and I thought this mobile would be so cute in her room! Here's the before picture:

And here is my end result {with a minor change or two}:


Of course, mine is not in it's permanent place, but I just LOVE how it turned out! Personally, I like my branches better. I think they are much more girly :)