Tuesday, June 4, 2013

//Summer to-do List\\

This summer we've got some projects up our sleeves. We're the type of people that like to tackle everything at once and work on it as we can afford the time and money, which then makes our home look like a warzone workzone. When we first moved in, in November 2010, we pulled up the nasty carpet and replaced it with laminate wood flooring. We took the baseboards out to help with the installation of the new floors and then decided that we would replace them. We have yet to do so.
Our living room had "decorative" beams that were not to our liking (I know this is in now, please don't hate me), but we couldn't stand them and ripped them out. They were ugly, trust me. So our living rooms ceiling is popcorn, with off white spots where the beams used to live and small little holes where my husband had to use extra force to rip them out. They were really in there.
Also in our living room, lives our creepy back door. It's dark, it's had the yellow blinds on them since we've moved in, and its beaten up. Bad. That thing doesn't even deserve pretty new blinds. That's why they haven't been replaced. I'm horrible.
We will also be painting our 2 year old's bedroom a prettier color, and I'm even wanting to do something fun with her wall. It is absolutely adorable and I can't WAIT to show you! Our bedroom will also be painted, because I've always hated the baby blue walls that were supposed to be more white than blue. And then there's the kitchen-we are finally installing our subway tile backsplash and putting in new "marble" tile flooring that will look real purty with our wood countertops. And the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen, will get a makeover-same color walls as the kitchen, for a nice transition, and wood shelves to match the kitchen shelves. This might take us all summer to complete these projects, because we work and are currently in school, AND we have two children. :)
I know I'm horrible with updates, but I promise I will keep it up this time. We also probably won't start until we are back from a wedding in June, but the first thing we are doing is getting new windows installed!! Our are OLD, like over 30 years old. You can't see out of any of them and they have aweful brown trim, no screens, and aren't enery efficient. They make for cold winters and hot summers. So I'm pretty pumped about those. I will definitely have some before and after pictures for you. And all the details to go with them. I hope you're all having a marvelous week!

ps. In Sutton Home Interior news...I have opened shop on Etsy and already had some great orders! I'm feeling the love, keep it coming!