Thursday, November 10, 2011

Burlap Stocking Tutorial

I haven't blogged in awhile & I've been wanting to show you the changes we've made in our house, but there are still some small things that need to be done and I want it all to be perfect! So until then, I will work on my Christmas crafts and share those with you. A few weeks ago, I bought burlap and muslin to make Christmas stocking out of burlap, like these I found on Pinterest:

Gorgeous, right?! I love the look and since there are three of us now, I wanted stockings that matched. {Side note:There will be a fourth addition to our family next Christmas!!!} There were no tutorials on how to make these, so I bought two yards of muslin and burlap and I winged it! My tutorial might not be the 100% correct way to make these, but I'm going to share anyway, because it worked for me. 

First step-I folded the burlap in half so that when I cut the fabric, I have the front & back of the stocking in one step. Then, I took one of our stockings and laid it on the burlap to trace an outline. 

Step Two-I found this great tip online: Tape two pencils or pens together and trace along your pattern piece to give you the extra seam allowance you need! Since I couldn't find any pencils, I used two pens and traced:

Next, I ironed my fabric {I know, I did it out of order...I do things this way quite often}

Then cut the fabric-make sure you cut on the outer line!!

Repeat these steps for the muslin, too. 
Don't worry about the lines showing, because they won't! 

I don't have a picture for the next step, but basically I took a piece of burlap and a piece of muslin and pinned them together. When you start to sew, leave about an inch of space at the top.

Sew the sides and bottom together leaving the top open. When you turn it inside out, it should look like this

Fold the raw edges down about 1/2" each two times so that it's extra sturdy. Then sew

Repeat sewing steps with the second piece of burlap and muslin. When you have your two pieces finished, cut about 4 1/2 inches of any color ribbon and pin it to the inside of one side of your stockings like this:

Sew a few stitches back and forth to make it tight and secure. 

Now take your two stocking pieces and pin them with the burlap sides facing each other

 Sew sides and bottom together

 This is what it should look like

Turn it inside out

Iron to give it a nice, clean look

Ta-DA!! The finished product-do as many as you like..I did it four times. The first took a little longer
but after I figured it out, they took about 15 minutes each. Pretty simple! I'm not done...I want to add some pretty initials or something to make them look nicer, but I still haven't decided. I will update as soon as the finishing touches are complete!


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