Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's Get Crackin'!

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since I've chatted you up. ;)
I've been really busy keeping up with the shop, my online store,
and of course, spending time with my family. I haven't even been able to get house projects done, except we finally painted the first coat on the bead board in our kitchen-that we hung about 6 months ago. Yikes. So anyways, in the past few months, we've discovered some hair lines cracks in our bedroom wall and noticed the exterior brick splitting a little. Turns out, we need about 6 or 7 piers. SO, there went our new windows. Womp, womp, womp. (insert pouty face here) While we save money on that expensive update, we decided to do some smaller projects that will still help us oomph things up a bit. But while we've been so busy, those projects never got done. Except the first coat of paint on the bead board. Like I said. With Christmas around the corner and family coming into town (all of whom haven't seen a lot of the updates, like our kitchen makeover), we wanted to really make an impression. Vain, aren't we? Well, I look at this like a challenge. I love the pressure involved with the rush of getting it all done. Call me psycho crazy. Our list isn't HUGE, but it's still a good list of some-what time consuming projects.
 Here's what we're hoping to knock out by Dec. 20th:
 1. Apply the second coat of paint to the kitchen ceiling & touch up any trim. And then touch up areas where paint may have dripped onto the wall.
2. Remove the weird electrical wire hanging out of the kitchen wall (it belonged to our old vent hood)
3. Install the backsplash on both sides of the kitchen.
4. Hang wooden shelves above the stove that match the shelves on the opposite wall.
5. Add a light fixture in the kitchen (we've been without one for a little over a year. Oops!!)
6. Add some trim to Addison's main bedroom wall and paint that whole wall white. Maybe paint her opposite walls a pretty light turquoise color, gray, or a different shade of pink?
7. Add wood-planked walls to the middle bathroom.
8. Add wood-planks to the fireplace wall in the living room.

This is kind of a lot to do in 30 days, but we're going to see how far along we can get. The wood planking in the family room isn't a MUST by our goal date, but it would be nice. Can't wait to get some things crossed off!

Be back with some updates and before/after pictures as we make some progress!


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