Monday, November 25, 2013

Just a Little Update

Hey everyone! Just a little update over here. Friday night we went to the store and packed the car out with plywood strips we had the friendly guys over at Lowe's cut for us. We bought 3 sheets of 4 x 8 plywood and some trim for Addison's big girl room. A friend of ours let us borrow their tools, which helped us finish WAY faster than we would have without them. They were such a blessing! The husband and I stayed up til a little after 12am and worked on the living room wall. This is what we started with:
We let the girls do some doodling. Hey, the walls will be covered anyway! :)
 Obviously, these are the drawings of my husband.
Then he got to work, starting on the left side

 And then the right side
 Looking good!
 This is after some spackling yesterday afternoon.
Saturday night we moved on to Addison's room and Husband put the trim up on her main wall.
Blank wall:
Trimmed Wall: 

We also fixed some flooring in the hallway and gave the kitchen ceiling a second coat of paint. Now we have to caulk around the trim in Addison's room, spackle all the holes from some previous d├ęcor, prime, and paint!
Here is what our list looks like now:
1. Apply the second coat of paint to the kitchen ceiling & touch up any trim. And then touch up areas where paint may have dripped onto the wall.
 2. Remove the weird electrical wire hanging out of the kitchen wall (it belonged to our old vent hood)
3. Install the backsplash on both sides of the kitchen.
4. Hang wooden shelves above the stove that match the shelves on the opposite wall.
5. Add a light fixture in the kitchen (we've been without one for a little over a year. Oops!!)
6. Add some trim to Addison's main bedroom wall and paint that whole wall white. Maybe paint her opposite walls a pretty light turquoise color, gray, or a different shade of pink?
7. Add wood-planked walls to the middle bathroom.
8. Add wood-planks to the fireplace wall in the living room.
We're hopping around a little, but that's what keeps us moving. We like to keep things interesting around here ;) But at least we are making progress!! I can't wait to show you all what it all looks like after it's painted!!
Have a great Monday!


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