Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Encouraging Words

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and came across this really encouraging article, "10 Ways to be a Happier Mom". Read it. It is so insightful. It made me think about how I am at home, always rushing after work to make dinner, clean the house, spend some time with the girls, get them ready for bed, do this, fold laundry, do that, etc. I feel like I am always going and never stopping. I hate to be that way, to not make myself slow down and enjoy the moments, enjoy my husband, the girls, life. It makes me feel horrible sometimes, that I don't spend more time with them and less time cleaning.
I am one of those women that feels stressed and frazzled when the house is turned upside down. I can't function. So, naturally, a clean house makes me feel more calm, happy, & satisfied. BUT, I think one thing I struggle with is making a clean house my priority. When I come home, I should be able to love on my family, enjoy dinner with them, and let the girls run wild and make messes with their dolls and coloring books, while I enjoy a conversation with my best friend, my husband. I shouldn't care if the laundry is piled up and there are crumbs all over the floor (there are always crumbs on the floor). It shouldn't phase me that there is paper work all over the kitchen table, and on the counters, and on the TV console. But it does.
So, one thing I want to work on, is slowing down. And being a little more carefree. I want to fully embrace each moment with joy. I want to have wonderful memories of my husband and I playing with the girls, laughing, and making sure they get all of the attention we can possibly give them before they are gone from our home and making memories of their own.
It's a simple thing, but I'm going to start with easier dinners-crockpot dinners, sandwiches, whatever can be done quick so that I can focus on my family. And as for cleaning, it can wait until after the girls are in bed. Unless, of course, it's something like spilled juice or something that really needs to be done right away. Obviously. And as for joy--joy comes from the Lord. I've been so busy with life, being a full time employee and a mom to two little girls, a wife, a cook, a small business owner...I haven't spent time with God like I should be, and that's something that is really important to me. I am going to make it a priority to spend more time with Him; in prayer, in worship, in scripture.
I hope you get something from that article, it really was a blessing to my heart. The encouragement I needed and God knew. He always does.
Do any of you struggle with slowing down and really enjoying the moments? What do you do to help make more time for your family and what matters to you?


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