Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laundry Room-Part 1

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to share with you our laundry room before & after, so far. I don't think I've posted pictures of it, ever, because I was so embarrassed by it. It was an ugly blue color and dirt showed up so easily on the walls. For 2 years, that room still made me feel like it didn't belong to us, or in our house for that matter. I wanted something lighter that flowed better with the kitchen. I picked up some more "Cream in my Coffee" paint, the same color that we used in the kitchen, and some supplies and got to work. These are old pictures (sorry about the clutter! This is what happens to a room I don't love).

First off, we're cleared the clutter and my awesome husband removed the cabinets. He couldn't get them out without removing some trim, so if you notice it missing around the door, you know why.

This is the view facing the laundry room entrance and then the view facing the kitchen


I primed:


 And then painted!


I absolutely love this color. And the name, which is of course what sold me. My husband and I love open shelving and I knew I wanted to do that in this small room to help open it up a bit. We had extra wood from when we built our kitchen counters and used that and some scraps as shelf ledges.

I'm not super crazy about the ledge piece against the wall. We were planning on doing one long piece, but the wall wasn't flat, so we had to come up with another solution. Eventually I want to get some ledges like the ones we have in the kitchen.

Aren't those pretty! But...for now, I'm just glad I have something to put my things on. The decor that's up on the shelves will definitely be changing, but it's a temporary fix til we finish the laundry room. Here's what the list looks like:
  • Remove the cabinets
  • Prime/paint the walls
  • Stain the shelves and hang
  • Paint the trim-Simply White by Benjamin Moore
  • Install beadboard on the ceiling
  • Install quarter round
  • Re-install the air vent
  • Put in a new light fixture.make a light fixture
  • Add some art/pictures
  • Add a rug
  • Replace the outlets and covers
  • Replace ugly brown door
We still have much to do! These next two days will be a little crazy, but I am trying to get around to at least painting the trim and putting the trim back up around the door. {Cross fingers}.

I hope you all are having a great Thursday night and looking forward to the weekend. I know I am!

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