Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lamp Makeover

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and spotted this gorgeous lamp I wanted for Addison and Zoey's rooms.
 Problem? It was $60 and I wanted two. I'm sorry, but I was not about to spend $120 on two lamps. So I decided I'd make them. I searched on Craigslist and within 5 minutes I found these hideous lamps for $15 total!
We picked them up and I got to work! I cleaned them up a bit and removed the trim around the lampshade.
I don't have pictures of all of the steps, but first I took the base of the lamp outside and spray painted it white. I did two coats and then used Rustoleum clear finish spray to prevent the paint from chipping. Then I went to the store and bought a yard of basic white fabric and cut it to the size I needed to wrap it around the lampshade. I hot glued it closed and wrapped the extra fabric around the shade where the trim had been to leave a clean finished look. I bought 5 yards of this pretty flower lace trim and cut out 6 strips. I pinned them to the shade to see where I wanted to place them and then hot glued one strip at a time. This is the lamp base before and after the spray paint.

Major difference already! Okay, one more shot of the whole lamp before:

And the after:

Isn't that crazy?! I can't believe I got this pretty lamp from what it was. I love being thrifty & crafty. I am going to make the other one for Addison's room, but hers will have a light pink lampshade. To makeover both lamps, the total cost comes to $45. It's not as cheap as I would have liked, BUT compared to the $120 I could have spent, I think it's a pretty good savings!

Here is the pink one I finished a couple days later for our first daughter's room. I love the pink, it is so girly!!

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