Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Hair Bow Holder

I am finally getting things done around here! With less than two weeks until our second little one makes her appearance, I have been DIY-ing like crazy! First with the initial for her room, then the lamp makeovers, and now this hair bow holder. I still have some more things to make, but I'll post about those when they are finished :) I wanted a hair bow holder that I could hang headbands on too. Our daughter Addison has a super cute bow holder but all of her headbands were put into a basket and some of them have gotten a little smushed. I saw an idea on Pinterest (I wish I could take credit just ONCE for these crafts) and I knew I wanted one for Zoey's room. I didn't take pictures of any of the steps I did until after the hooks were drilled into the frame and everything was spray painted. But here is the frame after the painting and then a close-up picture of the hooks (I think we my husband drilled in 22 of them)

And here is a shot of the frame after I added some pretty ribbon with my handy staple gun
And after I added some of her clips and headbands..

I love how it turned out so much! All of those gorgeous little headbands are from this Etsy shop. I love everything she makes and now I get to display them instead of shoving them into a little basket!

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