Friday, July 1, 2011

From Palate to Coffee Table

I have been super addicted to Pinterest lately. I can't pull myself away from it! I love all the recipes, the fashion boards, the DIY projects, and all of the home inspiration. The other day I was scrolling through the website and I came across alot of things to do with palates.

{rustic baskets-I'd totally use these to store blankets!}

{awesome sofa bed}

{LOVE this sofa bed}

{rustic headboard}

{super cute for the fireplace}

{another sweet headboard}

{coffee tables}

I thought these were such awesome ways to get use out of palates! And you can totally find them free or at a Habitat for Humanity re-store.
I love the rustic vintage feel it gives off and after my shutter headboard project, I'm definitely going to tackle making a coffee table out of palates. Can't wait!!  



  1. Sister, you have me obsessed with this site now, too!!! Love the table idea!!

  2. hahaha. I will send you an invite to join! That's the only way you can get in and "pin" ;)