Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen Towels Make Great Throw Pillows!

I was at Tar-jay {Target} the other day when I came across a set of 2 kitchen towels that were on clearance for $1.38. They had some in a fun yellow pattern and a pretty blue-ish pattern. I wasn't going to use them as towels, but I wanted to take them home and come up with something to do with them. And I figured it out fast! I was going to make them into throw pillows!!

Here are the "before-I-sewed-them-but-after-I-cut-them-in-half" shots:

I'm loving the blue ones more but I thought the yellow would add some cheerfulness :)

So anyways, I sewed them right sides together, stuffed them with Fiber-fill & sewed them shut! I have two more to do {one of each} but I ran out of Fiber-fill. So here they are:

We're going to paint our room a light gray color & there will be lots of white. I think these pillows would add fun pops of color.



  1. do you sew these by hand or with a sewing machine?

  2. I made these with a sewing would take MUCH longer if I did it by hand :)