Monday, June 27, 2011

I Got Off my Lazy Behind...

...and pulled the weeds out of the flower bed!!! I think we planted our flowers & shrubs about 4 months ago.

 And since then, there has been NO weeding. I mean, seriously who wants to go out in the almost-100-degree-Oklahoma-weather & pick weeds?! Not me, that's who. Well, I was seriously bored yesterday & I decided to get off my behind & sweat a little. And I did! I was out there for all but 10 minutes and I wanted to quit. But I kept on {after going inside for a ten minute break} and I pulled the majority of the weeds out.

Look at that pile! Four months' worth of weeds. Stupid weeds. Most of them came from this corner spot.

I still have little bitty weeds everywhere to pull, but that can wait another time. Hopefully it won't be another four months before I get to it! :)

Blessing #16: Got to have lunch with the Sutton girls at Panera today!


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