Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Things Addison Says}

#1. Addison (while taking a bath): "Mommy, there's cookies in the tub! Mommeeee! Mommy!" (starts crying). I run to the bathroom to see what she means. I find poop in the tub.

#2. Addison runs down the hall laughing and says, "I fart. Watch" Stands there for a minute with a blank face and then says "it not work."

#3. Showing us a picture of stick figures she drew, she points and says, "That's Daddy, that's Mommy, that's baby Zoey, that's aunt Hannah, that's Daveed (David), that's grandma, and that's bob."
Me: "Who's Bob?"
Addison: "bob pants. I wanna watch bob pants!" (Spongebob, for those of you who aren't sure who bob pants is.)

#4. Addison: "Daddy, I want cake."
Stephen: "No, you need to eat dinner."
Addison: "Daddy, please! I need cake."

#5. Addison sees me licking my ice cream cone while driving (it was dripping, I had to do something!)  and says "Mommy, I wanna wick it!"
Me: "You have some in your cup that you can have when we get home."
Addison: "Mommy, please, I wanna wick it!!"

#6. I find Addison in the bathroom putting on some of my chapstick.
Me: "What are you doing?"
Addison: "Mommy, I put my wips on!"

Anyone else's kids saying some funny things? Share them with me! I need a good laugh for today. :)


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